How to Start Soldering


Start Soldering

we need below listed items to start soldering

  1. Soldering iron
  2. Soldering led roll
  3. Rosin
  4. Vero board
  5. Wire


Soldering Iron

Soldering Items

Soldering procedure:

Step-1: Remove plastic cover from the wire

Wire cut

Step-2: Put the wire into the vero board hole. We will solder on the metal side.

vero board

Step-3: Set the soldering led and iron as like below for practice before power on the iron.

Procedure Procedure-zoom

Step-4: Power on the soldering Iron and wait till it is heated enough to melt the led. Touch it on Rosin. Now touch the head of soldering iron and led on the joint of wire and board copper.



Step-5: To see the hands on please see the below video.